When you want to take your shockwave device to the next level, look no further than available accessories.

Shockwave accessories extend the versatility of pressure wave machines. They enable practitioners to offer more and performed focused treatment, depending on the indication.

We are fortunate that Storz Medical performs cutting-edge research and we reap the rewards — including accessories that are compatible with the Storz Shockwave machines, such as the MASTERPULS® Ultra Series.

If you haven’t yet considered accessories for your shockwave machine, or are performing initial research, let us tell you what add-ons are available and how to get the most use out of them.

  1. VACU-ACTOR® Vacuum Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is popular among athletes, such as Michael Phelps and there are many benefits involved.

Simply put, the VACU-ACTOR® allows practitioners to go deeper. In dynamic application, the VACU-Cup provides a rolling, gliding stretch to the tissue, performing a connective tissue massage. This reaches from skin level into the deep subcutaneous layers to fascia and muscle fibres.

It’s an ideal tool to prepare tissue and the patient for any kind of intense myofascial release technique (such as ESWT).

The VACU-ACTOR® accessory functions only with the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200 machine. Interested in adding it to your practice? Learn more.

  1. V-ACTOR® Vibration Technology

The V-ACTOR® is a great addition to the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP200 for clinicians looking to offer It combines shockwave and vibration therapy to help with myofascial pain relief and treatment. This allows the V-ACTOR® to function synergistically with shockwave and regular manual therapy to help relieve the stress on muscles and trigger points.

It’s also a great addition to active release therapy (ART). Patients get immediate relief from it. Attachments can be used for the treatment of large muscle areas, tissue massage and muscle smoothing, and treatment of specific muscle points.

The V-ACTOR® is proprietary to Storz Medical and is available for the MASTERPULS® Ultra MP50, MP100, and MP200. Discover how to add it to your clinic.

  1. Shockwave Transmitter Heads

Storz offers many types of transmitter heads. We’ll highlight a few that are particularly useful.

These transmitters are compatible with the MASTERPULS® Ultra series. Learn more about these transmitter heads and other attachments.

  1. Fascia Transmitter Heads

These accessories help loosen trigger bands and fascia specifically. They treat:

These transmitters are compatible with the MASTERPULS® Ultra series. Discover more about the fascia transmitters.

  1. SPINE-ACTOR® Transmitters

These accessories take a double-pronged approach to treat the muscles around the spine. They simultaneously treat the muscles on both sides of the spinal column in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas.

There are three different span widths available: 20 mm, 27.5 mm, and 35 mm.

The SPINE-ACTOR® is available for the MASTERPULS® Ultra series. Learn more about it.

  1. Optional Tablet

The optional tablet gives practitioners the protocols for treatment, taking it step-by-step. Clinicians can describe the pain level, track pain over time, watch pre-set videos, and more.

This is also a great way to teach patients about their condition.

These shockwave accessories extend the versatility of your shockwave machine even further and can add a whole other level to your practice.

What accessories are you interested in? Are there any you didn’t see here that you would want to have available? Let us know on social media. Shockwave Canada is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Learn more about our shockwave accessories and how you can access them — and our shockwave therapy machines — today. Whether you’re looking to bolster an existing shockwave therapy practice or just getting started, Shockwave Canada is your guide.

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