Shockwave Resources for Practitioners

You’ve Got the Means. Now Show Them the How.

Shockwave Canada is in the business of results.

We strive to provide healthcare practitioners with nothing but the best in equipment and service. It’s why we have never had a single unit returned in the history of Shockwave Canada. Not one.

We also provide our customers with marketing assistance and everything they need to implement shockwave technology into their practice to provide technologically advanced care complete with 24/7 support.

And only Shockwave Canada gives exclusive access to myriad world-renowned healthcare advisors at no charge.

We help make your purchase a success and add a new stream of income to your business. In fact, many of our happy customers have reported that the unit has paid for itself.

Access more marketing material, training, and education in our Shockwave Canada practitioners’ portal. 

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