Shockwave therapy isn’t just for humans. It’s also an effective treatment for horses, large dogs, and other animals.

And Shockwave Canada is the perfect veterinary technology for your clinic. Allow us to explain why.

  1. Proven Effectiveness

Equine shockwave therapy in particular has proven highly regenerative — so regenerative, in fact, that it is prohibited before most competitive events.

For instance, virtually all shockwave therapy is outlawed within three days of competition for all horses entered in any competition sanctioned by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), reports Kentucky Equine Research.

One of the benefits of shockwave therapy for horses is a several-day decrease in inflammation, swelling, and pain — but that could allow a horse to work harder than it should because the pain is lessened.

That said, shockwave therapy for horses, large dogs, and other animals is a great addition to your practice in between competitions — and Shockwave Canada’s devices are the perfect veterinary technology to do so.

  1. Flexible Use

While shockwave therapy for horses is one popular treatment option, it’s not the only one.

Shockwave treatment has also proven highly effective for dogs — particularly those with arthritic and muscle pain. It’s widely used for treating non-unions, tendinopathies, arthritis, and more. Users report a rapid reduction in pain and decreased healing times for both chronic and acute conditions.

A study recently found significant improvements in dogs treated for hip osteoarthritis with shockwave.

It’s also of huge benefit for bone healing.

According to Clinician’s Brief in a study of dogs with distal radial fracture non-unions, the dogs that received shockwave treatment showed complete bone healing after 12 weeks, which no dogs in the control group achieved.

It’s non-invasive and drug-free, making it a low-cost investment for veterinary clinics and pet owners.

  1. Portability for In-Field Treatment

The size of Shockwave Canada’s machines guarantees maximum portability for vets treating animals in the field.

You know as well as we do that when you treat horses, most times they aren’t trotting into your clinic — you need to go to them.

Our new MASTERPULS® ONE is particularly handy for equine shockwave treatment. At 21lbs, it’s light enough to bring with you to the stables and powerful enough to provide the treatment you need.

  1. Safe Operation

Animals can be jumpy – you can’t always take your eyes off them when administering treatment. Luckily with a device from Shockwave Canada, you don’t have to.

Controls on the handpiece mean you can safely treat animals without looking away. You can adjust the pressure, frequency, and more on your handpiece.

Treatments are fast, too. Most shockwave sessions are complete in under four minutes, so the animal does not have to stay still as long.

That’s not the only safety feature. Because shockwave therapy requires no sedation, medication, or steroids, animals don’t need to worry about side effects. It’s out-patient treatment you can take with you on the go — and save costs doing so.

A Shockwave Canada device is the perfect veterinary technology for your practice. Discover our affordable shockwave therapy options for horses, dogs, and other animals today.

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